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Parnes Hayom

The merit of thousands of hours of pure Torah study
Reflecting on the past.

All of us in our community have felt the sweeping energy of Yeshiva Ketana of Queens as it opened its doors. We are all grateful for the privilege of having the beautiful sounds of the learning of tinokos shel beis rabbon emanating from our halls and echoing through our streets.

The Yeshiva's Parnes Hayom program gives the opportunity to share in the support of the Torah learning in the Yeshiva for a full day.

Thousands of hours

of pure Torah study of Yiddidhe Kinderlach can be merited l'iluy nishmas a loved one, or in honor of a simcha, a birthday, an anniversary, success in livelihood, or even to express appreciation to someone special.

The name of the Parnes Hayom is inscribed prominently at the entrance of the Yeshiva, in addition to being posted in every classroom and announced by each Rebbe.

A special Parnes Hayom certificate will be sent to you or to the recipient of your choice.

It is our collective responsibility

to meet the demand of the growing requirements of our neighborhood. By participating in the Parnes Hayom program, you will share in that responsibility and will make a significant contribution towards meeting those requirements.

Not only will you receive the enormous Z'chus of the day's (or week's) learning, but you will be an integral part of the ongoing success of the Yeshiva and of the harbotzas haTorah to the entire Queens community for days, years, and generations.

A tax-deductible contribution of $360 honors a loved one with this tremendous z'chus for a day. An entire week of limud haTorah can be dedicated for $1500 and a specific date can be reserved for five years also for $1500.

In addition, The Yeshiva has instituted a Parnes Hayom Netzach which allows you to preserve a specific date indefinitely, for just $5000.

A plaque is currently hanging in the Yeshiva with the names of the Parnesei Netzach inscribed thereon. By participating, a plaque will be prepared in accordance with your request.

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